Spread across 21 floors in Sydney’s historic Roden Cutler House, the Ausgrid redevelopment was completed over three stages and involved Aston Consulting and Group GSA at Fitout stage and VOS Group and Lo Studio over the Base Build.

The objective of the Ausgrid refurbishment was to renew the interiors of the 1970’s brutalist style building while incorporating a flexible workplace design, cultivating wellbeing and staff connectivity while also building in the principles of biophilic design.

Transforming Ausgrid’s lobby, an arrangement of ELS Systemkanal 50 creates a functional display of geometric linear light to greet incomers. Complimentary to the Systemkanal, ERCO Lightgap uniformly grazes the lobby’s timber feature walls while ERCO Parscan track mounted luminaires illuminate the green-wall foliage on the adjacent surfaces. 

A continuation of green-wall lighting carries through over 13 levels using ERCO Parscans to provide cohesion between floors. 

An abundance of ERCO luminaires were then strategically selected to light other key areas across the office zones. Honouring and maintaining some of the building’s industrial exposed ceilings, ERCO suspended Skims fall away into the ceilings throughout core corridors. Oval Flood light distribution allowed for considerable spacings between each luminaire. 

Group GSA collaborated with Ausgrid’s Indigenous Representative’s along with indigenous artist Lucy Simpson to forge a collection of art that reflected Ausgrid as a business. ERCO Pantracs punctuate the colour and detail in Simpson’s imagery, embodying the company’s philosophy and core ethics. 

The collaborative efforts of the design teams onboard set the benchmark for pioneering and dynamic workspaces of the future. Ausgrid’s high standards and commitment to the environment resulted in the project targeting 5 Green star ratings and components of the WELLS Silver Standard.