Quintessence double-focus downlights are designed with a relatively narrow light distribution for use in rooms with high ceilings. An optical system consisting of collimating and Spherolit lenses projects the light precisely onto the target surface, whilst the black anti-glare cone minimises the luminance when looking directly into the luminaire, making Quintessence double-focus downlights an incredibly efficient lighting solution in areas with high ceilings. Used in low rooms, the result is concentrated ambient lighting with efficient glare control. For the same degree of glare-free visual comfort in inclined ceilings, the recessed version can be tilted up to 30°. In auditoriums such as cinemas, theatres and concert halls, ERCO control gear guarantees consistent dimming characteristics of the luminaires, with continuous dimming down to 1%.

Brand ERCO
Collection Quintessence Round Double Focus Downlight
Quintessence Double Focus Adjustable

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