Oseris is a brilliant concept designed to enrich the world of digital lighting – the swivel joint is bevelled flush against the semi-spherical light head for a slick design. As well as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the lighting tool, the idea behind this feature is to facilitate precise alignment – and to provide real value added in tight spaces such as ceiling channels. Oseris spotlights feature Spherolit lenses that enable a wide range of light distribution patterns, and in various sizes and wattages achieve a variety of lumen packages to allow for differentiated lighting concepts with maximum freedom in design. The control gear is housed in the ERCO transadapter. Snoots are available as accessories for any situation requiring optimum glare control. This makes Oseris an exceptionally versatile lighting tool that lends itself for use in shops and museums as well as high-end residences: compact, precise and efficient – Oseris evokes character and charm with striking features that add to the already impressive diversity of spotlight designs in the ERCO range.

Brand ERCO
Collection Oseris
Oseris Floodlight

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