Lightscan lends a new flair to outdoor lighting, yet cuts an equally fine figure indoors where applications call for a higher protection mode. Elegant look and highly efficient photometrics join to form a perfect symbiosis. Its high levels of luminous flux enable the illumination of buildings, walls or objects even where these are exceptionally tall or offer few options to position the projectors. A wide range of light distributions ensures that the light is projected only where it’s needed. Lightscan is exceptionally weather-resistant, as its slim silhouette blends harmoniously with the surroundings. Its flush cover glass as a contributing factor looks the part, elegantly providing reliable protection, but is also most easy to clean. An extensive range of mounting hardware means the Lightscan effortlessly fulfils different requirements of its environment making it a versatile tool in lighting design. Maintenance-free optoelectronics guarantee maximum efficiency to help save our resources and result in lower operating costs.

Brand ERCO
Collection Lightscan
  • 18.0W
  • 30.0W
  • 32.0W
  • 42.0W
  • 48.0W
  • 72.0W
  • 96.0W
Colour Temp
  • 3000°K
  • 4000°K
  • 1260lm
  • 1890lm
  • 2475lm
  • 3360lm
  • 4400lm
  • 4410lm
  • 5040lm
  • 5775lm
  • 6600lm
  • 7560lm
  • 9900lm
  • 10080lm
  • 13200lm
  • Ra80
  • Ra90
Beam Angle
  • Extra Wide Flood
  • Flood
  • Narrow Spot
  • Spot
  • Wide Flood
  • 16°
  • 28°
  • 46°
  • 63°
  • Symmetrical
  • Graphite M
  • Integral
Control Protocol
  • DALI
  • Fixed Output
  • 65
  • Ground
  • Surface
Lightscan Projector

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