The principle of cardanic suspension with Gimbal recessed spotlights translates into an especially precise, comfortable swivel mechanism. It is not only more compact than standard versions, but the centre of the light unit maintains its position during alignment – as a result Gimbal is predestined as a tool for lighting concepts with ceiling channels. Gimbal is simply installed into ceiling constructions with ceiling channels thanks to its special mounting bracket. Several construction sizes and wattages for each light distribution create lively, nuanced and flexible lighting concepts. Applications are retail projects, hotels and restaurants as well as buildings where lighting designers plan discreet and effective lighting from ceiling channels or coves.

Brand ERCO
Colour Temp
  • neutral white°K
  • warm white°K
  • 630lm
  • 825lm
  • 930lm
  • 1230lm
  • 1260lm
  • 1650lm
  • 1860lm
  • 2460lm
  • 2520lm
  • 3300lm
  • 3720lm
  • 4920lm
Beam Angle
  • Elliptical
  • Oval flood
  • Black
  • Remote
Control Protocol
  • DALI
  • Phase DIM - TE
  • Switchable
  • 20
  • Ceiling
  • Surface
Gimbal for Ceiling Channels Floodlight

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