The Castor bollard luminaire in the outdoor area creates a visual link between pathways and squares: Two light distributions and two sizes enable differentiated lighting design using a single range of luminaires. An innovative optical system with a ring-shaped lens spreads the light 180° onto pathways or, alternatively, a full 360° for open areas. In both applications, the photometrics in Castor are designed to produce uniform illumination. The luminaires can be spaced up to 10m apart, without compromising on the glare control. The ERCO Dark Sky technology prevents light from being emitted above the horizontal plane. The light source is discreetly hidden to ensure a good view for passers-by and drivers.

  • Asymmetrical
  • 12.0W
  • 16.0W
  • 19.0W
  • 24.0W
  • 1260lm
  • 1650lm
  • 1680lm
  • 2200lm
  • 2520lm
  • 3000°K
  • 4000°K
  • 65