Occupying level 22 of Sydney’s landmark office tower at 420 George St, Virgin Australia’s interiors have recently undergone a facelift which is inspired by its iconic brand and people.

The brief called for a ‘lighter, brighter and more effective space to suit a new hybrid working style, that would better support collaboration with teams around Australia.’ Meeting the brief with their interior design team at the helm, Unispace uses Virgin Australia’s bright red and purple hues to greet guests and staff members as you enter the space.

Evolved Engineering delivered a lighting design solution that compliments and elevates the interiors. ELS Flex Trackspots are used to illuminate the entry point while ERCO Iku downlights with oval flood beam angle enabled large luminaire spacing which provides a corridor of light into the main office space.

Unispace used different colours on the walls, ceilings and furniture to indicate and decipher differing work zones. Part of a gradient scale of bright red through to purple, with reds symbolising more active and collaborative work zones while purple tones indicate calm focus spaces.

Optimising it’s exceptional lumen output, Alto LED strip by Coolon is utilised in various spaces while Jilly track by ERCO is used in the workspace and meeting areas. Providing good glare control and high visual comfort, Evolved Engineering’s selection was ideal for the dynamic and collaborative theme that links the separate areas.

A combination of ELS Luxient 110 downlights and ERCO IKU wallwashers are also used throughout to complete the lighting design for Virgin Australia which features a variety of stunning settings for its staff members and visitors.

Photography by Steve Brown.