Chifley Tower resides on one of the most exclusive plots in Sydney’s business district. Neighbouring Hunter, Phillip and Bent Streets, the building’s location is prominent; the irregularly shaped footprint of the land lending itself to curved architecture, which traces the shape of the street’s organic lines.

Completed in the early 1990’s and costing $1.2 billion, the art deco inspired building continually undergoes a host of maintenance and upgrades to uphold its prestigious nature. ER&D Consulting Engineers were engaged by Charter Hall to provide effective lighting technology which elevates the building’s quality of architecture, while also illuminating the exterior entrance and corridors for commuters.

ER&D selected the Odessa by Ligman due to its robust nature, adjustability and high output – suitable for the high mounting height at which they were positioned. A custom mounting frame was designed to house four Odessas at a time. Two of which were carefully angled to highlight the architectural detail of the sandstone pillars while the other two would create ample glare free light for the long external passageways