Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre by Sam Crawford Architects is one of a kind. Set amongst the extensively designed landscape by JMD design, the site is full of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants that provide plentiful shade, creating an inviting habitat for the local birds whose bold colours inspire the facility’s modern design.∙

BARC was created to challenge the traditional mindset of what a rehoming facility looks like, with a narrative that responds to the welfare of the animals first and foremost while also creating a safe and welcoming space for the staff and visitors as well.

Artist and colourist Lymesmith was invited to create an abstract artwork which echoed the bold colour scheme throughout. A 100 metre long piece consisting of multicoloured vertical blades in an array of bright colours is known as the ‘Bird Screen’ which relates to the array of native bird species surrounding the property. Lighting engineers Donnelley Simpson Cleary Consulting Engineers used Light Linear Denver post tops with our specialised Microvos technology by Ligman for a contemporary lighting solution for the carpark while the luminaire’s vertical lines subtly compliment the colourful artwork

The state of the art facility is configured into 6 finger-like buildings which extend out into the surrounding landscape, each providing a different function. The elongated finger-like design provides an opportunity for the animals to have a connection and view to the local landscape as well as rehabilitate through contact with the land.

Perpendicular to the 6 main buildings is a walking track for visitors and staff members to enjoy the outdoors. Veranda pillar luminaires by Ligman with 360 degree, 180 degree or double sided way finding options ensure ample guidance provisions and a surprisingly anonymous footprint.

Photography by Jackie Chan.