As part of Macquarie University’s continuing upgrades to its campus, Jadecross had the pleasure of contributing to the illumination of Wally’s Walk, affectionately named after Dr Walter V Abraham, the University’s Architect planner from 1965 to 1983.

The building required functional, glare free pathway illumination to satisfy the needs and conventional requirements of the University. ERCO IP65 Wallwashers were selected to light the corridors under the eaves, uniformly illuminating the thoroughfare for students and staff members during operation hours. Adding to this, ERCO Skim downlights with an oval flood beam were used to create a clean line of light, forming inviting, even pathway lighting. 3500K was selected to seamlessly harmonise with the natural colour temperatures of both daylight and night time.

Emphasis on the University’s architecture using light and colour was something the University was open to exploring and with louvred alcoves wrapping around the façade, an opportunity presented itself. Aria RGBW linear luminaires by Coolon were neatly positioned within each alcove. At equal distances, grazing intermittent sections of the exterior to create a sense of interest while the colour changing element creates a vertical, everchanging artwork for passers-by.

With Coolon’s advanced technology, the need for manual on-site addressing was not required during the installation process. Instead, the self-addressing luminaires accurately calculated the DMX channels in a consecutive manner when connected. Coolon’s technology intelligently recognises the sequentially positioned luminaires in Aria installations, ceasing the need for unique identifiers.

Explore the Aria RGBW by Coolon HERE.

Photography and videography by Jackie Chan.