In 2017, English architecture firm Foster + Partners won an international design competition to design one of Sydney’s newest commercial towers. With an ambition to achieve a Greenstar rating of 6, Salesforce Tower will not only be a centrepiece to Sydney’s skyline but an incredible example of environmental sustainability within the building and design industry. Soaring above the CBD skyline, Salesforce Tower will be Sydney’s tallest office tower sitting at 263m in height, elevating the City’s skyline.

Electrolight, the lighting designers who were tasked to illuminate the Tower’s grand 15m high ceiling worked with Jadecross to devise an intelligent lighting solution. Marked with a uniquely inclined design featuring artfully positioned pelmets, the lobby required careful consideration.

As a result, Jadecross will be supplying over 500m of Coolon strip to sit neatly within the lobby’s pelmets to create an abundance of general lighting. Between the pelmets will sit ERCO Atrium Double Focus downlights, accommodating the inclined ceilings and providing a sophisticated solution with outstanding uniformity and illumination to the lobby itself.

Separate to the Tower’s lobby, Jadecross will also have the opportunity to contribute to the exclusive Salesforce fitout, with ARUP at the helm of the lighting design. Understanding the brief which outlines staff members’ health and wellbeing as a factor, tunable white lighting has been selected for the majority of the fitout. Ensuring each member of the team will have lighting that is customised to echo the natural spectrum of light as it shifts throughout the day. In essence, supporting a person’s innate circadian rhythm as well as promoting productivity in the workplace.

Images courtesy of Foster and Partners.