As part of Central Station’s biggest upgrade in decades, the project is preparing for cutting edge driverless trains along with an influx of an incredible 450,000 customers a day.

The $716 million renewal of Central Station by Sydney’s Woods Baggot and John McAslan + Partners (JMP) is set to open in 2024. The Northern Concourse however, is already in action and as an unimaginable engineering feat, the space is cloaked with a stunning roof which was designed to tie in with Central’s heritage features. Creating an extra 540sq m of space, the 21 diamond shaped skylights and 500 louvres welcome boundless natural light to fill the concourse. Reaching 80m long and 40m wide, the structure weighs 330 tonnes and required careful consideration during the installation process.

Equal consideration was required when lighting designers Steensen Varming were engaged to illuminate the structural masterpiece. To accomplish dynamic ceiling illumination with a wide, spatial impression, 72W ERCO wall mounted Lightscans were used. Customised with tunable white technology, each Lightscan adjusts to imitate the natural sequence of daylight. Mimicking the colour and brightness shifts that are experienced from morning, through to afternoon and into the evening.

Another exemplary design feat carried out for Central Station’s renewal is a stretch of escalators which span an incredible 27m below the surface. At 45m long, the centrepiece has been deemed the longest escalator in the Southern Hemisphere. Utilising ERCO’s ability to customise their range of luminaires, Compact Double Wallwashers were customised with an IP65 rating to suit the application. Wall washing the bespoke panels which cascade down the escalator’s walls. Each luminaire illuminates the commuter’s path as they descend along the escalator into the station’s platform.

Image courtesy of John McAslan and Partners.