As part of the much anticipated Sydney Modern Project for the AGNSW was the revival of architect Walter Liberty Vernon’s original historical building. Included in the restoration was the gallery’s Grand Courts, showcasing a permanent collection of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous art. 

The gallery worked towards some key sustainability initiatives including an upgrade to a more energy efficient lighting scheme. Working closely with the Art Gallery of NSW, lighting designers Lo-Fi were engaged to collaborate on the gallery’s brief. 

With flexibility at the forefront of the AGNSW’s needs, a combination of ERCO track luminaires were selected. Replacing outdated 300W halogen luminaires, 12W and 48W ERCO Parscan track luminaires were used for precise distribution of light and effective presentation of the gallery art.

T8 fluorescent battens were removed from behind the impressive skylights that hold space throughout the gallery’s double height ceilings. In their place, XERO linear LED extrusion was positioned as an innovative, uniform solution.

Combined with state of the art Casambi technology, the linear extrusion solved the challenge around even illumination for the uniquely curved skylights. As the offset for the luminaires were all different (due to the curves), Casambi’s wireless technology enabled a functional control system to illuminate the stunning skylights throughout the Grand Courts.