Embodying the essence of journeys made by commuters at Wynyard Station in the early 1930s, Interloop pays homage to the past while still looking through to the future.

As part of a $100 million renewal and redevelopment program, artist and architect Chris Fox was commissioned by Transport NSW to create the iconic, site specific installation.

Measuring more than 50 metres in length and weighing a hefty 5 tonnes, this incredible structure weaves four loops of historic timber escalator stairs together to effortlessly hover above passers-by. Built from high strength marine grade aluminium and suspended by steel beams, the original timber treads were fastened to the accordion shaped aluminium surface.

Lighting this highly crafted artwork was critical and we took care to factor in the complexity and drama of the sculpture itself.

Using a combination of track and fixing mono points onto adjacent columns, the solution offered best access for installation, commissioning and maintenance. Selection of ERCO 12W 3000K Parscan Oval Floods with a DALI system delivered light exactly where required. It also served as an intelligent solution to light the sculpture, emphasising the interlaced ribbons of timber treads while avoiding glare and light spill for passers-by.

The aspect of the sculpture gives viewers the freedom to choose a vantage point unique to other passers-by. As commuters travel down the escalators to access the station’s platforms, if you look up at any point, you can capture Chris Foxes mastery at a different angle. The long lifespan and premium quality of light provided by ERCO, along with highly engineered accessories to control glare skillfully, resolves any concerns around glare as commuter’s journey up and down the escalators.