Coinciding with the launch of Coolon’s Aduro CL, Jadecross was invited by Lightwaves to provide a solution to highlight a series of semi-transparent, vertical curtains which were suspended from 6 metre high ceilings, bringing to life, a series of evocative curves. 

Aduro CL seemed fittingly appropriate creating the desired effect for the prestigious Gateway Building’s business lounge. Providing a perfectly even grazing effect along the curved curtains, Coolon’s revolutionary Aduro CL was also a welcome system for installation with it’s easy, modular plug n’ play design. 

“As lighting designers, we rely on the manufacturers/suppliers to support us with their luminaires. Jadecross hit the mark and killed it, also with their product service too.” Said Tim Geary, Founder + Director of Lightwaves.”

Mirroring the curves throughout the space, an extremely small recess requiring cove lighting was presented to us. Coolon’s Alto CL’s short, rigid flexible modules were the ideal solution which achieved impeccable results with a beautifully even distribution of light.

Interdisciplinary design practice, Hot Black used touches of custom timber joinery to incorporate an otherwise earthy element into the highly finished business lounge. Some of which presented in a particularly compact detail and called for a discreet and small sized extrusion. Coolon’s ultra-compact Slim was a powerful and affective solution creating a seamless continuous lighting effect.