Coolon uses state-of-the-art technology to encapsulate their products that are specified for use outdoors and in demanding environments to make sure that the luminaires deliver not only enchanting light, but years of uninterrupted performance.

Coolon’s unique technology protects luminaires and drivers without the need for multi-part enclosures and gaskets. The result is a seamless appearance, enabling many indoor luminaires to be protected and enhanced while retaining Coolon’s characteristic sleek, simple and aesthetically clean designs.

Encapsulation technology allows Coolon’s luminaires to be protected to IP66 – completely protected against dust and grime and highly protected against water ingress – including torrential rain and storms, ocean spray and high-pressure washing jets.

If water immersion is required – connections are critical. For this application, Coolon offers gel-filled polycarbonate profile LED strip up to 2.5 metres in length. When equipped with two-metre Teflon cables and terminated in a dry location, the strip is suitable for constant water immersion (IP68).

Ingress protection is not the only benefit of Coolon’s encapsulation – the process protects luminaires in severe weather conditions over long periods of time, and the material remains stable. When subjected to these real and simulated environmental conditions, no yellowing occurs, and the material remains optically clear with no changes in hardness or loss of gloss from the surface. 

Some of the Stabilty and Environmental testing includes: 

– Heat Resistance & Thermal Shock Test

– Long Term Weathering Resistance Test

– UV & Salt Spray Resistance Test

– UV & Condensation Resistance Test

– Acid Rain Resistance Test

The advanced resins used for encapsulation safeguard and protect components from external threats in multiple ways. The surface of the protected luminaire has a remarkable ability to resist wear and self-heal from surface marks caused by normal use.