The University of Sydney’s Chau Chak Wing Museum, designed by architects JPW houses a collection of the University’s works as well as an array of archaeological and historical material from across the globe. Carefully illuminating such a diverse and valuable collection of pieces came with its complexities and called for both specialist lighting along with the expertise of lighting designers Steensen Varming.

Steensen Varming used a dynamic range of ERCO luminaires to create a harmoniously lit environment while also showcasing the Museum’s extensive range of artworks and artefacts. 

JPW’s unstated, highly finished interiors were also not discounted as a combination of ERCO Compar Linear downlights, Compact wall washers and Parscan spotlights were utilised to elevate the space and enhance the Museum’s visitor experience. 

“It is my sincere hope that the Chau Chak Wing Museum not only directly benefits Sydney’s cultural landscape and emerging generations who seek knowledge, but also indirectly encourages others to contribute meaningfully to the enrichment of Australia’s arts and culture.” Doner, Dr Chau Chak said.