Get inspired as you discover the latest product developments for ERCO as we introduce the ERCO Innovations Webinar Series. Please connect and join us via Zoom as the next set of webinars kick off in the upcoming weeks.

The Discover Casambi webinar will be an introduction to Casambi and will cover:

• Bluetooth Lighting Control

• Control from your handheld device

• How to set up groups of lights

• How to set up lighting scenes

• Wall Switches

• Lighting Sensors

• System integration and expansion

• Latest developments

SESSION TIMES (Discover Casambi): 

• Monday 27th of April at 12pm or 2pm

• Monday 11th of May at 12pm or 2pm

The Discover Eclipse webinar will introduce you to a NEW and very exciting product range that offers an abundance of highly engineered lighting solutions. 

As the Eclipse sets new standards in lighting technology, this session will delve into the wide flexibility of the Eclipse and also look at the variety of beam characteristics that the Eclipse range offers. Those with an investment in museum lighting and the luxury retail sector will not want to miss this webinar.  

SESSION TIMES (Discover Eclipse): 

• Monday 4th of May at 2pm

• Monday 18th of May at 12pm or 2pm

Please contact [email protected] for more information.