Jadecross along with ERCO have been working with clients recently to produce boutique retail stores with quality lighting. 

One of the latest finished projects has been the flagship store for COS. This is the 140th store opened internationally for the Swedish fashion brand which chose the former bank head-quarters of CBA in 5 Martin Place. A lot of retail stores try to compete with stores surrounding them with simply adding more lights. Where the COS project sets itself apart from competitors is by placing light where you need it – on the products! Not by flooding every square meter with light so there is no contrast and your eyes aren’t drawn to what you are trying to exhibit. When accenting products it’s very important to create visual comfort and with ERCO’s lens technology this installation is a calm, glare free space inviting customers to spend more time than usual in store. There was a mixture of optics used including flood, spot and oval flood to make sure spill light doesn’t occur.

These principles can be used in a huge range project’s that you could be working on right now including retail, car showrooms, lobbies etc.