The 1962 built Our Lady of the Rosary Church epitomises innovative post war architecture, originally designed and forged by Kevin J Curtin.

To this day, the chapel still maintains a lot of it’s early charm including the circular shaped west facing window, surrounded by shapely concrete columns which camouflage brightly coloured stained glass.

Recently, the Church underwent a facelift as Nimbus Architecture were engaged to use their expertise to reimagine the interiors. Transforming the ceiling into what was inspired by a lofty lantern, the now uniquely angular lines create a striking focal point.

Webb Consulting Engineers used a selection of techniques to illuminate the reconceptualised interiors with both Coolon and ERCO. Tucked neatly into the base of each beam, Coolon Alto provides exceptional lumen output, uplighting the crisp white ceiling.

Vertically mounted track sits towards the front of the Church on the left and right, each supporting a combination of 3 Parscans by ERCO. Individually positioned, the collection of spotlights illuminate the religious centrepiece and accenting the alter and its surrounds.

Optimising the ERCO Gimbal’s cardanic suspension, 6 Gimbals are precisely positioned within the ceiling’s triangular cavities to enhance the church furthermore. Their clever placement meant that they are out of site from most angles, reaffirming ERCO’s core philosophy of ‘Light, not Luminaires’, which continues to set them apart from the rest of the lighting industry.

ERCO Parscans point towards the back of the Church, finishing off the stunning design that Webb put together for the interior. A well balanced curation that highlights how well ambient and accent lighting can be achieved.

Photography by Jackie Chan.